We are committed to meeting market demand and customer needs for wide range of high quality herbal APIs and industrial extracts used in medicinal products, health products, food, dietary and health supplements, cosmetic products, food for sport. We are truly dedicated to providing the highest quality herbal extracts constantly adapting to contemporary market requirements.
We take pride in what we do and endeavour to offer you a great service!


Established in 1992, HARMS have, over many years, built a solid reputation for quality and reliability. We are accredited to ISO 9001-2008 with a Quality Assured structure maintained across all of our product sectors. Our fully trained workforce and a highly experienced management team graduated from top universities in Russia are enriched with years of product knowledge and industry experience. Our products are protected by a trademark registered with RosPatent (Russia).


Our products are supplied to more than 350 wholesale customers throughout Russia and outside. Our customers are manufacturers of medicinal products, health products, food products, dietary and health supplements, cosmetic products, food for sport to all those who use high quality herbal extracts and ingredients. We are dedicated to working at a consistently high standard building genuine and long-term relationships to enable success.

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our products based on day-to-day product research and development, increasing efficiency of production!

API manufacturing

Active pharmaceutical ingredients or APIs meet Pharmaceutical Articles of Manufacturer registered with Ministry of Health of Russia. Production and storage areas, technological equipment and Quality Assurance system comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Physical/spatial separation between different groups of personnel engaged in the manufacture, raw materials storage rooms, intermediate and finished products plus validation of all technological equipment provide for due manufacturing quality of APIs.

Industrial extracts

We manufacture powdered, thick and granulated industrial herbs and plants extracts intended for further manufacturing of food and health supplements, food products etc. All our products meet Russian Technical Requirements of Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare of Russia and registered with ROSTEST (Goods and Services Certification Center). Every product is accompanied by Declaration of Conformity registered with RusAccreditation and published on its web site.

Modern technologies

High-efficiency production is a key part of maintaining our position in the market! It is ensured by the use of modern technologies and equipment that meet European standards where microprocessor control systems are utilised. The use of modern production control systems ensures that due control over manufacture processes is maintained at all times. This is accompanied by validation procedures to make sure that requirements are met for specific use or application.

Production ecology

To eliminate any possible negative environmental impact on manufacturing process and quality of finished products, production premises were placed in the area free from industrial enterprises. Our manufacturing premises are located in the forest area (city of Pskov area), two kilometers away from residential area. Manufacturing facilities are provided with private water supply from its own artesian well. Electricity supply system is also private.

Raw materials

We carry out regular checks on suppliers of our herbal raw materials. Based on these checks a list of approved suppliers has been made. To approve a supplier we will have to check the ecology of raw materials origin area, contents and amount of active ingredients, contents of heavy metals and pesticide residues, consistency of product pricing and delivery schedules across all our range of products. All incoming herbal materials are first quarantined while checking against accompanying documents is carried out.

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